Polish restaurant

"Feel the spirit of history and the taste of authentic recipes from years ago. We strongly invite you to join Jarema´s feast!"

Jarema Restaurant specializes in typical Polish and Kresy cuisine. Everyday, we are making every effort to regale our Guests with meals prepared according to verified, traditional recipes made from the best quality, fresh ingredients. Our cuisine contains excellent meat including venison and other kinds of wild meat, poultry, mushrooms and garlic - specialties traditionally associated with Poland and Kresy - the former territory of the eastern provinces of Poland.
High quality of our dishes is appreciated by Michelin which has been awarding our restaurant with two pairs of cutlery for the last 4 years (2010 - 2013).

Clock hall

A visit in Jarema restaurant is a journey to the old, historic but also gladly reminisced times. The halls of our restaurant are decorated with antique paintings including portrait of Lithuanian Prince Jarema which is the most significant character for our restaurant. An old tile stove, hunter's trophies, Slutsk's belts and beautiful, hand-made furniture make one feel like in a real Polish Aristocratic manor house. The decoration is completed with a live traditional eastern Polish music. A combination of the atmosphere and the best quality food inspirits the Polish history and let to travel in time even for a little while.

Jarema is a perfect place for romantic dinner, a meal in a family circle or a meeting with Krakow's visitors, who would like to be introduced to the essence of our culture and the real taste of Polish cuisine.

Mrs. Ela

Chef – Mrs. Elżbieta Walczyk keeps the highest quality of every single meal served to our Guests. Being a Cracovian and having Eastern Polish roots let Elżbieta Walczyk to invigorate the traditional spirit and uniqueness from the taste of meals as well as from the restaurant's climate. Thanks to this ability every visit in Jarema Restaurant is an unforgettable experience.

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