Above all, Kresy is a unique specificity of Polish aristocratic culture which can be characterized by two leading features: hospitality and excellent food. We would be delighted to feel this specific atmosphere and memories together with our Guests.
We are in dispose of three roomy, air-conditioned halls. Every one of them is different which allows to choose a perfect place according to our Guest's needs. Besides that, every room has a unique atmosphere of Polish tradition.

Dysponujemy trzema obszernymi, klimatyzowanymi salami. Choć w każdej z nich panuje niepowtarzalna, kresowa atmosfera, cechuje je również pewna odmienność, pozwalająca dobrać miejsce idealnie odpowiadające potrzebom naszych gości.

You can choose:

  • a clock-hall with the view on Matejko Square and a wonderful, antique but still working stove from Lviv
  • hunter's hall which brings to mind old, historic times
  • cozy, wood scented fireplace hall, filled with the sound of burning logs

We can host up to 100 Guests

We will be delighted to help you organize:

  • a wedding
  • a communion
  • a christening
  • banquets
  • business appointments
  • any other type of event

We also offer service for touristic groups. Except serving a delicious meal we can organize a folk band concert.

We offer catering service as well.

You are welcome in our restaurant!


Matejko Sqr 5
31-157 Krakow
tel: +48 12 429 36 69tel: +48 12 429 36 69
mobile: +48 513 188 418mobile: +48 513 188 418