Prince Jarema Jeremi Wiśniowiecki

The name of our restaurant comes from the Lithuanian prince's agnomen "Jarema". His full name was Jeremi Wiśniowiecki but the nickname "Jarema" went down in Polish history thanks to the national epic "With Fire and Sword" written by a great Polish writer and novelist Henryk Sienkiewicz.

Jarema is a nostalgic past times symbol of glory and might. Our restaurant lets you live a sentimental journey to the old times. Jarema is also a symbol of Kresy, the former territory of the eastern provinces of Poland, an historic area deep-rooted in Polish tradition which brings out good as well as bad memories of Polish history course.

Above all, Kresy is a unique specificity of Polish aristocratic culture which can be characterized by two leading features: hospitality and excellent food. We would be delighted to feel this specific atmosphere and memories together with our Guests.

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