How to reach our restaurant

Jarema restaurant is placed in the very heart of Krakow. While strolling along the Krakow Old Town it is hard to miss the St Florian\'s Gate and Barbican - outer defensive walls. In the neighborhood of these two most distinctive historic buildings of Krakow, right next to Grunwald Monument, Jarema welcomes its Guests.
Table Reservation

* Your reservation has to be confirmed by the restaurant. Due to that fact we kindly request you to give us your telephone number or e-mail address.

map - Matejko Sqr 5, Krakow
We invite you everyday
from 12:00 to the last guest.

Matejko Sqr 5
31-157 Krakow
tel: +48 12 429 36 69tel: +48 12 429 36 69
mobile: +48 513 188 418mobile: +48 513 188 418
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